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Travia Appointed As GSA for Air Berlin
Travia is sill following its steady growth plan and adding to its prevalent record...

Travia Appointed As GSA for Air Berlin

Kabo Air Joins Traviaís Representations Profile
Travia, Travco Groupís Airlines Sales Agent continues to gain the trust of more and more major international airlines, and act as the travelersí entrance gate to a rewarding world of aviation services....

Kabo Air Joins Traviaís Representations Profile

Travia Represents Fly Dubai
Travia, Travco Groupís Aviation Agencies Company...

Travia Represents Fly Dubai


About Us:
TRAVIA is the Aviation Agencies Company of Egypt's premier Travel Group, Travco. Through the company's extensive experience coupled with its modern global business attitude, Travia has gained the confidence of numerous aviation and travel related companies and was appointed as the General Sales Agent for some highly profiled international airlines, hotels and cruise companies, serving all the Egyptian travel trade.
Airlines are inherently evolving, growing, dynamic and highly geared business. Since 1990, Travia has been meeting the changing needs of this industry through its ups and downs and has developed into one of the major General Sales Agents in Egypt, because of its extensive knowledge of both local and international aviation industry.

Our Mission:
TRAVIA believes that as a GSA, we have to share a common approach to standards, discipline and trade practices of our Airlines and representations. As a professional body, Travia endeavors to act in the best interest of its clients in the field of airline, hotel and cruise line sales.

Travia is investing its years of experience in creating guidelines and suitable structures to facilitate marketing our clients' products and to stimulate synergies in order to increase market share of represented Airlines.

TRAVIA is specifically tailored to fulfill individual airline requirements, and is supported by a multi-lingual team of highly trained and experienced staff. Our strength with governmental bodies provides airline principals the 'legal entity' to establish a commercial presence and the right to trade. This includes Traffic rights, market distribution, financial set-up, licensing, hassle-free sponsorship, search and assistance with office/retail space and/or full employee resourcing services like recruitment, payroll and accommodation.

As a General Sales Agent we are constantly monitoring competition, analyzing the market and identifying business opportunities. We can provide detailed new business plans, identify and report on competitor strengths and weaknesses and assess existing operations. Sales visits are initiated to an agreed plan and supporting sales techniques are employed to gain optional field sales coverage. We are experienced in managing and coordinating promotional activities, from direct mailing, to participation in airline and travel exhibitions.

Travia can increase our partner airlines revenue by having our knowledgeable team to handle reservations, generate more sales, and handle after sales service and technical enquiries calls. With our knowledge of the local market determinants and know-how and our speed and flexibility to adapt to the dynamic and ever changing airline and travel industry, we guarantee better results for all our partners and representations worldwide. This added to our experience and contacts in the Egyptian travel industry, combined with our call center and ticketing office at down town Cairo, you definitely hold the effective success factors in the competitive Egyptian market.

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